Pastel Art for Kids is an art program that provides underprivileged kids the opportunity to learn fun, yet simple art techniques through dry pastels and charcoal pencils. Many kids enjoy drawing, coloring, and making art projects, but often times, they are unable to improve and refine their skills because of the expensive cost of art classes.

With our project, children can learn about art and the basics of drawing and coloring using a different medium: dry pastels and charcoal. From lightly sketching shapes to blending pastel colors, we not only aim to help kids become better artists and make colorful, realistic artwork, but we also encourage them unleash their inner creativity through their art.


We are eager to share our love for drawing with others. At a young age, we attended art classes that taught effective yet simple art instruction, which was primarily responsible for stimulating our love and passion for the arts. Rather than using markers and colored pencils, the classes introduced us to the unfamiliar, exciting world of dry pastels; and within a few classes, we were pleasantly surprised with the vibrant, beautiful artwork we had produced. As a result of this pastel art instruction, we had discovered our hidden artistic potential. 

After attending art classes for 7 years, we realized that not all students had the opportunity to have these interactive experiences with visual arts, as art classes can be expensive. We see that kids enjoy drawing and creating art, but it is difficult for them to refine their skills because of the inaccessibility to art programs. We knew that this was a problem because learning to create and appreciate visual art may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.

Art develops problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while fostering creativity. If kids are given the chance to manifest their ideas through art, they can strengthen and sharpen these vital skills. In fact, the experience of making decisions and choices through the course of creating art carries over into other aspects of life. But most importantly, the ability to think creatively and implement ideas is a vital, beneficial asset that every child should have in an advanced, innovative society.

With these thoughts in mind, we set out to establish Pastel Art for Kids. We believe that every child has an inner artist, and our art program strives to help kids unlock their artistic potential and give them confidence in their abilities. We inspire children to use their inner creativity not just in art, but in all aspects of their lives.



Founder and Head Instructor of Pastel Art for Kids

Ashley is a junior at Irvine High School. As a child, she cultivated her love for art from DIY crafts, ranging from doll accessories, Pusheen-inspired lip balms, to sequined greeting cards. Ashley feels that the artistic process is exciting yet soothing, and it never fails to bring her joy, comfort, and peace. She has participated in various competitions throughout her youth, and her art has been displayed in City Hall, IUSD district office, South Coast Plaza, and Someone Cares Soup Kitchen. Aside from art, she is also passionate about singing and she is a section leader in Canta Bella, the advanced women’s choir at Irvine High. During her free time, she enjoys crafting, singing, playing the piano, playing tennis, and watching videos.


Founder and Head Instructor of Pastel Art for Kids

Lauren is a junior at Irvine High School. Having grown up doodling McDonald’s Happy Meal prizes and customizing pet toys with acrylic paints, her love for art grew tremendously. The interest was further developed as she delved into the visual arts, experimenting with several mediums like watercolors, pastels, oil paints, and digital art. Especially with constant pressure and stress from school and daily life, Lauren feels that the artistic process is quite therapeutic and allows her to explore her emotions nonverbally. Her artwork has been showcased in numerous locations throughout Irvine and Costa Mesa. She has also created many commissioned works of art and works as a cartoonist in her school newspaper.



Hyo Kim is Vice President at Mainstream Capital Partners, who partners with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to manage through crisis and bring alignment in vision. After nearly two decades in pastoral ministry working with people in conflict, Hyo knows how to bring teams together in critical transitions and situations. His current emphasis is behavioral finance and multi-generational family financial planning.

Hyo has worked as a management/leadership consultant, trainer, and coach with many companies and startups. He is an Amazon bestselling author and he has also created a nonprofit for leadership development called Nexgen.


The Dragon Kim Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping high school students share their passions with the community around them. Without the DFK Fellowship Program, Pastel Art for Kids would not have received the valuable support, funding, and guidance needed to fulfill its mission and reach the number of kids it has today.