Pastel Art for Kids is proud to have these talented art instructors dedicate their summer to changing the lives of young underprivileged youth! The volunteers at Pastel Art for Kids are extremely excited use their artistic experience to help the project participants create beautiful drawings of their own. Meet each of our wonderful instructors and their personal experiences with art!

Junior at irvine high school

Halley Chang

In general, art has given me the opportunity to discover how others and myself choose to interpret stories of the world around us on a physical sheet of paper. Especially after taking AP Studio Art and currently in the process of building my art college portfolio, I’ve experienced the rigorous side of art that is not only interesting to navigate through but rewarding as well. Besides art, I enjoy spending time sleeping, working on my assignments for Yearbook staff, making stickers, and eating.

Junior at irvine high school

Emily Chiang

I enjoy doing art because it makes me feel relaxed and less stressed after doing school work. Art makes me feel happy and calm because I can draw anything I want without being judged. My other hobbies are creating digital art that displays a person’s name and background.
Junior at irvine high school

Emilia Estrada

I have a passion for art because it allows me to express my thoughts and emotions in a peaceful yet powerful way. Expressing myself through art gives me confidence and the freedom to be unapologetically myself. My hobbies include playing softball, volleyball, listening to music, and spending time with loved ones.

Sophomore at irvine high school

Kaylei Galloway

Art allows me to express my emotions through imagery and create pieces of art that are unique to me. Other than art, I love to play tennis and video games. Both have made me very social and well rounded; also, video games can be very relaxing after a stressful day.
Junior at irvine high school

Cindy Min

I love art as a way to express myself; drawing based on my imagination makes me feel empowered and inspired. Art allows me to be creative and imaginative, and I feel comfortable drawing what I love. I love to draw and sketch, especially on my computer, and I also enjoy coding basic programs.
Junior at irvine high school

Emily Nguyen

In art, it is satisfying to see the progress that you’ve made from the beginning to the end; to me, art is a form of relief and makes me feel euphoric. I also enjoy playing music (piano and percussion) in my free time and for school.
Junior at irvine high school

Nanami Tsukamoto

I like art because it’s a way that I can express myself. It makes me feel calm, and I usually use art to release my stress. I do lacrosse in my free time, but sometimes I’ll start some art projects. More of my hobbies includes photography, baking, and cooking. Right now I’m really passionate about lacrosse and I’m hoping to continue it in college!
Junior at irvine high school

Annie Wang

Art has always been my hobby since a very young age. It makes me feel like there’s a way for me to express all my feelings and preserve my memories. In addition to art, I enjoy playing music, especially classical music, in my free time. Like art, piano allows me to express my emotions while exploring other people’s stories.